Transactions on Haptics Interactive Session

Authors of articles recently published in the IEEE Transactions on Haptics (ToH) are invited to present their work in an interactive session during the IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019. For more detail, please visit here.

Title list

ToH.01 Electro-Active Polymer Based Soft Tactile Interface for Wearable Devices
Seongcheol Mun, Sungryul Yun, Saekwang Nam, Seung Koo Park, Suntak Park, Bong Je Park, Jeong Mook Lim, and Ki-Uk Kyung

ToH.02 Estimating Tactile Perception by Observing Explorative Hand Motion of Others
Takumi Yokosaka, Scinob Kuroki, Junji Watanabe, and Shin'ya Nishida

ToH.03 Estimation of Object Elasticity by Capturing Fingernail Images During Haptic Palpation
Shunsuke Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Kuroda, and Osamu Oshiro

ToH.04 Sensory Integration of Apparent Motion Speed and Vibration Magnitude
Matjaž Ogrinc, Ildar Farkhatdinov, Rich Walker, and Etienne Burdet

ToH.05 Aerial Vibrotactile Display Based on Multiunit Ultrasound Phased Array
Keisuke Hasegawa and Hiroyuki Shinoda

ToH.06 6-DoF Haptic Rendering of Static Coulomb Friction Using Linear Programming
Danyong Zhao, Yijing Li, and Jernej Barbic

ToH.07 An Experimental Setup to Test Dual-Joystick Directional Responses to Vibrotactile Stimuli
Lorenzo Scalera, Stefano Seriani, Paolo Gallina, Massimiliano Di Luca, and Alessandro Gasparetto

ToH.08 Learning Shared Control by Demonstration for Personalized Wheelchair Assistance
Ayse Kucukyilmaz and Yiannis Demiris

ToH.09 Introducing Whole Finger Effects in Surface Haptics: An Extended Stick- Slip Model Incorporating Finger Stiffness
Dennis Babu, Masashi Konyo, Hikaru Nagano, and Satoshi Tadokoro

ToH.10 Haptic Augmentation for Teleoperation through Virtual Grasping Points
Michael Panzirsch, Ribin Balachandran, Bernhard Weber, Manuel Ferre, and Jordi Artigas

ToH.11 Stable Physical Human-Robot Interaction Using Fractional Order Admittance Control
Yusuf Aydin, Ozan Tokatli, Volkan Patoglu, and Cagatay Basdogan

ToH.12 Exploring Feature-Based Learning for Data-Driven Haptic Rendering
Anatolii Sianov and Matthias Harders

ToH.13 A Standard Methodology to Characterize the Intrinsic Material Properties of Compliant Test Stimuli
Gregory Gerling, Steven Hauser, Bryan Soltis, Alexis Bowen, Kathryn Fanta, and Yuxiang Wang

ToH.14 Grip Stabilization of Novel Objects Using Slip Prediction
Filipe Veiga, Jan Peters, and Tucker Hermans

ToH.15 Modeling Semantically Multilayered Affective and Psychophysical Responses Toward Tactile Textures
Hikaru Nagano, Shogo Okamoto, and Yoji Yamada

ToH.16 Perceived Hardness through Actual and Virtual Damped Natural Vibrations
Kosuke Higashi, Shogo Okamoto, and Yoji Yamada

ToH.17 Perception of Ultrasonic Switches Involves Large Discontinuity of the Mechanical Impedance
Jocelyn Monnoyrer, Emmanuelle Diaz, Christophe Bourdin, and Michael Wiertlewski

ToH.18 Effect of Cutaneous Feedback on the Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object
Jaeyoung Park, Yonghwan Oh, and Hong Z. Tan

ToH.19 A Pneumatic Tactile Ring for Instantaneous Sensory Feedback in Laparoscopic Tumor Localization
Tomohiro Fukuda, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Astrid Kappers, Michitaka Fujiwara, and Akihito Sano

ToH.20 Tactile Masking by Electrovibration
Yasemin Vardar, Burak Guclu, and Cagatay Basdogan

ToH.21 Toward Whole-hand Kinesthetic Feedback: A Survey of Force Feedback Gloves
Dangxiao Wang, Meng Song, Afzal Naqash, Yukai Zheng, Weiliang Xu, and Yuru Zhang

ToH.22 Passive Force-feedback Gloves with Joint-based Variable Impedance Using Layer Jamming
Yu Zhang, Dangxiao Wang, Ziqi Wang, Yuru Zhang, and Jing Xiao

ToH.23 Sensitivity to Conflict Between Visual Touch and Tactile Touch
David Caballero and Eric Rombokas

ToH.24 Haptic Enchanters: Attachable and Detachable Vibrotactile Modules and Their Advantages
Gunhyuk Park, Hojun Cha, and Seungmoon Choi

ToH.25 Detection and Discrimination Thresholds for Haptic Gratings on Electrostatic Tactile Displays
Jian Jiao, Dangxiao Wang, Yuru Zhang, Dekun Cao, Yon Visell, Xingwei Guo, Xiaoying Sun

ToH.26 Path Following in Non-Visual Conditions
Alan Del Piccolo, Davide Rocchesso, and Stefano Papetti

ToH.27 Reliance on Haptic Assistance Reflected in Haptic Cue Weighting
Tricia Gibo, Myrthe Plaisier, Winfred Mugge, and David Abbink

ToH.28 Can wearable haptic devices foster the embodiment of virtual limbs?
Jakob Fröhner, Gionata Salvietti, Philipp Beckerle, and Domenico Prattichizzo

ToH.29 Rendering Stiff Virtual Walls Using Model Matching Based Haptic Controller
Indrajit Desai, Abhishek Gupta, and Debraj Chakraborty

ToH.30 Thermal-tactile Integration in Object Temperature Perception
Hsin-Ni Ho, Hiu Mei Chow, Sayaka Tsunokake, and Warrick Roseboom

ToH.31 The Perception of Ultrasonic Square Reductions of Friction with Variable Sharpness and Duration
David Gueorguiev, Eric Vezzoli, Thomas Sednaoui, Laurent Grisoni, and Betty Lemaire-Semail

ToH.32 Creating an Illusion of Movement between the Hands Using Mid-Air Touch
Dario Pittera, Damien Ablart, and Marianna Obrist

ToH.33 The Effect of Applied Normal Force on the Electrovibration
Xingwei Guo, Yuru Zhang, Dangxiao Wang, Lei Lu, Jian Jiao, and Weiliang Xu

ToH.34 Effects of Stimulus Exploration Length and Time on the Integration of Information in Haptic Softness Discrimination
Anna Metzger and Knut Drewing

ToH.35 Proprioceptive Localization of the Fingers: Coarse, Biased, and Context-Sensitive
Bharat Dandu, Irene Kuling, and Yon Visell

ToH.36 Dynamics and Perception in the Thermal Grill Illusion
Shriniwas Patwardhan, Anzu Kawazoe, David Kerr, Masashi Nakatani, and Yon Visell

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