19:00 – 21:30, July 11th, 2019

The banquet will be held at Meiji Kinenkan, which is known as the first wedding hall in Japan offering a comprehensive range of services. It is located in a separate part of the Outer Gardens of the Meiji Shrine.

Special Event

In the banquet, a Japanese art-form “Ikebana” will be performed by Ryuho Sasaoka, head of Mishoryu-Sasaoka Ikebana School, Kyoto, Japan.

Western-style flower arrangements generally consist of numerous fully-blooming flowers in very dense arrangements. They present us with lavish displays of blooms at the very peak of their beauty. In contrast to this focus on the peak moment, ikebana arrangements express a sensitive awareness of the passage of time, also including budding flowers that are not yet in full bloom.

How to get there?


(20 – 30 min from the sola city Conference Center)

  1. From Ochanomizu Station, take a train, JR Sobu Line bound for Mitaka, and go to Shinanomachi Station (5th stop).
  2. 3 minutes walk to the Meiji Kinenkan from the Shinanomachi Station.


Meiji Kinenkan