Hands-on Demos

IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019 will feature several sessions devoted to live demonstrations of haptic technology.

Important Days

    Hands-on Demos Submission due:
    23:59 PDT, April 19, 2019
    Hands-on Demos Acceptance Notification:
    May 10, 2019

Instructions for Authors

Each proposal must include the following 4 materials

    (1) A short abstract (maximum 200 words)
    (2) A short video (within 2 minutes)
    (3) A Representative image (500 x 500 pixels, 300dpi)
    (4) A floor plan (one A4 page)


Please limit the length of your abstract to 200 words. The abstract should cover description and scientific novelty of the demonstrations.

The length of the video clip should be less than two minutes. Its resolution and size are also limited to less than 720p (1280×720) and 200MB, respectively. The file type of the video must be “.mp4”. H.264 codec is recommended for the video format.
It does not matter if the content quality of the content is not high. However, in order to show that your demo works at this conference, please make sure to include the following elements in the video.
* Brief description of the system
* Equipment and environment required for the demo
* Procedure of the demo
* Actual demonstration scene

Representative image:
Accepted demo abstracts will be published in the conference digest along with a representative image. The image should be at least 500 x 500 pixels and 300 dpi in JPEG format.

Floor plan:
The floor plan should be one A4 page in PDF format. This should clearly indicate where the demo presenter(s) and the attendee(s) will stand/sit, as well as equipment locations such as hardware components, tables, chairs, and power strips. It is important to label the plan with dimensions, and you may use whichever unit of length (meters or feet).


The standard space allocation for each demo will include one table (1500 x 450 mm or 1800 x 450 mm), two chairs, a poster board and one 100V (Max 500W) outlet. If you have special requests regarding the demonstration, please also state them in the submission.
Demos will be replaced daily. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare, announce and withdraw in one day.
If you had already presented the same demonstration elsewhere, please describe the venue and whether any modification had been made since the previous presentation.
Please note that the accepted demo proposals will be included in the USB proceedings but they will not appear on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
Videos of accepted proposals may be used for promotional purposes at the conference and dissemination activities.